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Country Spotlight: Kenya

Kenya is a lower-middle-income country in East Africa. Associational life is deeply rooted in Kenya, reflective of the Kenyan notion of harambee (self-help). Political devolution to local counties is ongoing, however it is worrisome since the uneven (and often poor) capacities of local civil society institutions and governments across the country may be ill equipped to manage emerging opportunities.

Civil Society NET partner Aga Khan Foundation has been active in Kenya since 1974, working in health, education, rural development, civil society enhancement and the environment.

Local Partners


Founded and registered in 1997 as a public foundation, KCDF is a Kenyan development grant-making organisation that supports communities to initiate and drive their development agenda by helping to harness and grow their resources, as well as secure their basic rights and services from duty bearers.

KCDF works with poor, marginalised and disadvantaged communities as its primary target group and aims to equip them with the tools lift themselves from their situations. A secondary target group is organised communities who would like to improve their sustainability through asset building.

KCDF thus invests significant resources to build, strengthen and sustain the core capacities of these communities by developing thoughtful, long-term partnerships with actors such as governments, non–profit organisations, the business sectors and individuals, to achieve social justice.

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