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Portuguese and English


2 weeks


2 hours

This course covers the following module subjects: financial structure (including staff duties and responsibilities), financial procedures (including procurement), budget preparation and forecast analysis, financial reporting to different stakeholders and cash flow analysis, accounting policies and procedures. It is designed to also allow participants to create networks of common interest with counterparts from around the world.

First the budget module will teach key concept to design a budget such as cost and revenue. Then we are going to assess the possible scenarios for a good planning of activities and budget during the year. Finally we are going to evaluate the good accomplishment of budget objectives through an analysis of variations.

Course Outline
  • Module 1: Introduction to finance and finance structure
  • Module 2: Financial procedures
  • Module 3: Budget & Forecast Analyses
  • Module 4: Financial Reporting
  • Module 5: Accounting Policies & Procedures
Course Objectives
  • Learn how to manage a budget
  • Learn how to create a financial report
  • Learn the financial procedures
Target Audience

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in and desire to increase understanding of development finance in non-governmental organization environment. In particular, this course is suitable for anyone who works in or considers working for a non-governmental organization.

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