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Effective Presentations

Effective Presentations




Portuguese and English


2 weeks


2 hours

What do you want people to remember from your presentation? That’s our point of departure for you in this course.

This course has three major sections. In the first section we are going to learn the basic elements of any presentation. Those elements include things such as your purpose, your audience, a strong opening to your presentation, and the overall flow of your presentation.
In the second section, we will dive into using presentation software, such as PowerPoint. We are assuming that you have had some experience with PowerPoint or whichever presentation software you are using, and we will teach you tips and tricks to create slides that really reinforce and enhance presentation, instead of distracting from it.In the third section, we will help you with delivering your presentation, so that you can feel confident and credible when you are actually talking to your audience.

Course Outline
  • Module 1: The Basic Elements of Any Presentation
  • Module 2: Using Presentation Software
  • Module 3: Delivering Your Presentation
Course Objectives
  • Learn the basics of effective presentation
  • Learn how to present a project to a audience
  • Target Audience

    Staff from Civil Society Organizations with a interest to make presentations or speech to a audience.

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